Modyr Management is proud to offer top-notch agency services to help customers earn potential both off and on the pitch. With an extensive network of partners and contacts we ensure your sponsorship goals are met.

We offer the highest quality sponsorship services so that you can maximize your potential sports earning over the course of your professional career. We have an industry leading and experienced team of agents as well as committed client management personnel. This helps us ensure that we act on the potentials, needs, and goals of the athletes.

Sponsorships also provide several opportunities to successful and established footballers to leverage their image and popularity to supplement their earnings. Apart from negotiating your endorsement contracts, Modyr Management can also play an important role in helping you position adequately and market your brand effectively to your followers.

We could help you in all your sponsorship needs and requirements like determining objectives, developing proposals and establishing budgets. When you work with us, you will be able to fully focus on your on-field activities and leave the rest to us.

Modyr Management has forged strong relationships with sports companies and aims to offer its clients an array of:
• Free products or services
• Discounts
• Paid expenses
• Salaries and grants
• Bonuses and contingencies

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