Each and every footballer has his unique individual motivation and inspiration that fuels their passion for this great game and also drives their ambition. At Modyr Management, we strive to ensure their ambitions and share their passion.

We strongly believe as a professional football club your players deserve and must demand the best representation available. Modyr Management can meet all your needs and requirements as we are a truly integrated football agency. We leverage the expertise of lawyers, commercial, financial and reputation managers, football consultants, mentors as well as agents and intermediaries.

This is why we can offer you an all-inclusive service. Keeping your needs in mind, we will offer you the best advice from seasoned professionals who have a genuine and in-depth experience when it comes to football club management.

We offer the following services to clubs:

Our professional and expert team will ensures and take complete care of the various aspects of contract negotiations. We are driven by a vision of helping our partners achieve their future objectives and long-term career targets. We will take responsibility of the players and intermediaries.
We will handle all aspects of transfer and contract negotiations with all clubs both overseas and domestic. We know that our clients value the fact that a contract not just mentions their duties, but also their rights. We ensure all rights and responsibilities are appropriately recorded.

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