Modyr Management is one of the most notable football agencies in the world. Over the years, we have been able to forge strong bonds with players and a majority of clubs that play in the Scandinavian leagues.

Modyr Management believes in building long-term relations with other clubs based on the principles of integrity, honesty, trust, transparency and open communication. We forge one-on-one relations with other clubs by knowing them at a personal level. That means that we not only know the manager and coach of the club we are dealing with, but also know their specific way of working, philosophy, mission, and vision. This is extremely important as it allows us to provide them with players who will be a good fit for them.

We know that it is vital for coaches to develop positive and lasting relationships with players, which could act as the glue to cement their players as a team and bind them to the cause. These positive and healthy relationships can create resonance—a unique environment where all footballers feel that their sentiments and feelings are being taken into account.

Modyr Management also stresses on networking and our personnel frequently travel to both national and international events, such as training camps and championship events, to expand their network, meet new people and develop new relationships.

We know that communication skills are essential to create rapport with the players and develop team harmony. Being an effective communicator could pave the way to more rewarding and satisfying coaching experience. On the other hand, communication breakdowns often lead to frustration, conflict, stress, and job dissatisfaction. This reason is why we believe in open and transparent communication with both clubs and players. For instance, if a club declines a player, for any reason, we communicate that fact honestly to the player. This also helps the player to adapt to the situation or improve and work on their weakness. Similarly, if a player declines an offer to a club, we honestly communicate it to the club, which fosters mutual trust and confidence. This reason is why we have strong relationships with some of the most prominent and notable figures in high-level sports.

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